What is hermitcraft?


What is hermitcraft?

Forgive me if this isn't the right spot to post this sort of question.

I've been browsing the internet looking for some nice community to join, and see a lot of them are “hermitcraft inspired” servers.

I google hermitcraft and see it's a YouTube channel thing with tons of episodes, but what is it, exactly? When someone says their server is hermitcraft-inspired, what could i be expecting to get into? I've seen a few hermitcraft videos and it just seems like they're building a huge city.

It's short-hand for a (usually) whitelisted survival-style server where the aspiration is that players interact (and may perhaps also record for YouTube channels). This is to contrast with public, anonymous, non-whitelisted servers where players may not get to know each other that well.

The server I play on definitely falls into the “hermitcraft inspired” rule set. I think it makes playing with other people a little more fun, slightly competitive, and overall adds a really interesting depth to the game.