Top Minecraft servers?


Top Minecraft servers?

So I've been looking to switch servers lately, the server I was playing just shut down, tho I'm not gonna point my finger and name them because I understand it's their decision. That being said I was looking for good Minecraft server and came across Minecraft server list, needless to say they list tons of Minecraft servers so how to pick top or best server?

For me it's mainly about being able to play Minecraft whenever I want, I've enjoyed prison servers in the past but decided to check out Skyblock for a change, but I don't care just about player and vote counts, there are loads of MC servers that have tons of players but are not actually fun playing.

For me, good Minecraft server should have at least decent if not 100% uptime and should be fun to play on, a lot of Prison servers are boring or I get bored after playing for like 2 weeks, which is not much. Skyblock servers are different story provided that the server is no limiting all the things that are fun to do, like redstone, farms, mobs and so on..

Unfortunately there's no way of telling this just by looking at list of Minecraft servers, in my past experience you actually gotta play specific Minecraft server for a few days in order to find out if it's any good or not. That being said I would appreciate any hints.