Minecraft servers where you can play survival?


Minecraft servers where you can play survival?

I've been getting more and more questions like where do you play survival on which server should I player survival, what are the best minecraft survival servers and so on. The truth I actually play many different survival servers but I mainly stick to the one with good staff and good rules. Some minecraft survival servers are ran without any rules even without claims in some cases, I prefer not to play on those and for me they're kinda anarchy servers.

With that being said I usually use server lists to find minecraft survival servers where I'd try to look for servers with good uptime and at least some playerbase, I mean it's kinda sad if you're always alone on server and there's nothing to do, but if the server has at least 10 players online at time then it's fine by me. Keep in mind most of people are not online like 24/7 so 10 players is quite a lot if they have players joining and leaving all day.

Also for now I tend to stick with 1.8 minecraft survival servers, don't get me wrong Minecraft 1.16 is fine and all but I find it that most of servers are unstable, crashing and lagging and I hate it when server would crash and rollback and I'd lose everything I've built over past few hours.

In short:
– at least 10 players online
– at least 80% uptime
– good rules and nice staff

And don't forget to have fun!