Minecraft developers


Minecraft developers

I know everyone hates being pinged. Here's some questions I posted on my mirror though, would greatly appreciate your answers.

Questions for server owners:
1a. If you're on a version that is not the latest Minecraft version, why is that?

2a. If you're from south american, why are there large networks for extremely old versions still? Such as 1.5.2

3a. If you're not running the latest version of Minecraft, how do you feel when so many developers just instantly stop supporting older versions even when there's a large community on those versions?

Questions for developers:
1b. Would you be willing to support older versions of Minecraft if all it required was to split your plugin into different branches per version? (Assuming your project is on GitHub/Gitlab or something that uses git)

2b. Say you're a plugin dev & have only worked with Java + the Bukkit/Spigot API, would you be willing to switch over to a different project such as Cuberite or another Minecraft server software that didn't use java? Only if said project was a viable choice for many server owners IE better performance.
(Languages to be considered: C# (.NET Core), Rust, C++ & Go)

3b. Any reason on why you don't support older versions when there's a community on it? Other than because it's not the latest version.