Farming Platform 4 Map

Have you ever play Farming Platform map in Minecraft? This Farming Platform is back and better than ever with version 4. All you need to do in this map is to farm, fight, mine and even gamble. This map allows player to play in four different types of places. They are your farm, the town, prison and the casino.

The outstanding feature of this map is it has an own currency as well. You can farm your money by sealing ores, crops, or even mob drops. But if you want to get money by your luck, you should go to a casino. In that place, you can gamble some of your gold for more gold and new items. It’s a nice map to play, it’s kind of like Skyblock.

And remember, you have to use your knowledge about Minecraft to survive. Most of blocks are made of wool, instead of grass, sand or something in normal version. The structures in the town look nice and all the mechanics were designed pretty awesome.