Red and Blue Map

The Red and Blue map for Minecraft is a puzzle map which you’ve to escape from. It seems pretty boring but the time when you start to play this map, your mind will change. Imagine that one day, you wake up, you find yourself alone in a white empty room. Nothing in your head and the only thing you can see in front of your face is a stranger, who seems to have no idea both of you guys standing in this white room.

He’s a stranger that you’ve never met, but you must remember that if you want to survive and get out of this puzzled room, you need to help each other, the key is unity. Even you don’t like his behavior, personality,… but that person is all you need for the moment.

With those short storyline above, you might know what you need to do, you’ll need one more person to help you finish this Red and Blue map. It seems impossible for anyone to finish alone. Just like the name of the map, one person will be blue and the other will be red. Each of them need to do different kinds of challenges during this map. So, it’s very important that both of the players work in co-op.