Royal Palace Map

This Royal Palace map allows player join a medieval themed map that brings in a simple and some new features to the Minecraft. The author adds several features to surrounding one main theme.

Just like its name, the creator has produced and designed a medieval palace in great detail. Look at these screenshot below, it’s not too grand, but no too simplistic, too perfect as well. Don’t worry, it’s detailed but easy to be replicated.

This is an awesome to play alone, or even play with your friend, it’s still great. The Royal Palace map has multiple layers, there are so many different decorated rooms and areas for player to explore. It’s a beautiful map, kinda fun to look at, you can enjoy it by roaming around. The builders style and inspiration is good for you, for building later on. If you play this map, you will love the style of building for sure, because it will reminds you of some buildings you would see before many newer blocks were made.